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Vertical Scrolling in Free Form Layout
Vertical Scrolling in Free Form Layout

Scroll through Graphs and Grids Vertically on One Chapter

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The height of each chapter can be increased, giving the ability to scroll through graphs and grids on one chapter. Whenever an author sets the minimum height of the page, the canvas extends vertically to meet the specifications inputted.

Use Vertical Scrolling when you cannot see desired items in one Chapter view. With a larger canvas, you can tell a more robust and uncluttered story, all within the same page.

  1. To enable Vertical Scrolling within a dashboard, open the Format panel.

  2. Click the Page tab (Panel 1) in the bottom left corner and the Vertical Scrolling option will show in the Format panel.

  3. Check the Vertical Scrolling box in the Format panel.

  4. Increase the Min height to around 1500 to test which height best fits the data.

Example Without Vertical Scrolling

There are 18 products and stores in the Chapter below. Only 14 to 15 are in view before having to scroll separately in multiple directions to view all data in each grid.

Example With Vertical Scrolling

After enabling Vertical Scrolling, the top 18 products and stores can now be easily viewed by using the one main scroll bar on the Chapter.

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