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Viewing Multiple Analyses
Viewing Multiple Analyses

How to View Multiple Dashboards and Reports Simultaneously

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There often are times when it may be valuable to view and compare data from different dashboards or reports side by side. Though users are restricted from having multiple assets open at one time in a single browser window, all users in both Collaboration Analytics and Performance Analytics may have multiple browsers open at once.

In Collaboration Analytics

When selecting a dashboard or report from the navigation panel, Insights, History List, or Alerts & Subscription folder, Right-Click and select Open link in new tab or Open link in new browser.

In Performance Analytics (Supplier)

From the SPS Analytics portal homepage, clicking Evaluate Performance will always open the Performance Analytics environment in a new tab. Users may click this button as many times as needed to have multiple tabs open to view reports & dashboards simultaneously.

⛑️ SPS Analytics Support

If you have any additional questions regarding Analytics Reports & Dashboards, please reach out to our Analytics Support team at the contact information below:

☎️ 888-739-3232, Option 2

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