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How to Restore the Default Date
How to Restore the Default Date

Restore the Default Selection End Date on the Pre-Prompt Screen

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Common Use Case: Restoring the default selection option in the Date Prompt screen is necessary for reports and dashboards that are being set up on the automated subscription service so that the most current week of data is reported.

  1. Run your report or dashboard.

  2. Click Report Home in the top left corner of your report or dashboard and click Save As.

  3. At the bottom of the Save As screen, click on Advanced Options and uncheck the Set the current prompt answers to be the default prompt answers.

  4. Click on the OK button.

    1. Please note: This will clear out any saved prompt selections. Therefore, you will have to reselect your prompt choices and then do a regular Save.

  5. Run newly saved report.

    1. For Confirm Overwrite, select Yes. Then select Run newly saved report.

  6. Verify that the default selection option has returned to the date prompt screen by running the newly saved dashboard or report.

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