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Applying Filters at the Prompt Screen in Collaboration Analytics
Applying Filters at the Prompt Screen in Collaboration Analytics

How To Engage Filters At The Prompt Screen For A Dashboard or Report

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Prior to opening a Dashboard or Report in Collaboration Analytics, users may be provided a prompt screen where some filters may be applied prior to pulling data. Engaging filters at the prompt screen can decrease loading time for the user. Most filters are not required to be selected unless otherwise predetermined by the retailer or a required object like a date selection. If a filter is required, it will be called out next to the category title in red (Example Below).

To begin, select the dashboard or report to open from the side navigational panel, Insights Folder, My History folder, or from the My Alerts & Subscriptions folder.

Filter selections available will be in the Available menus.

Selections can be made by either of the following:

1. Double-click on an individual object.

2. Highlight the selection and click the corresponding single bracket arrow.

3. Click the corresponding double-bracket arrow to move all available objects.

πŸ’‘ Repeat these steps to remove any filter objects from the Selected category menu.
​4. Once all data sets have been selected, click the Run Report or Run Dashboard button in the bottom left of the prompt screen.

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