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Create a Top Performing Store or Item Report Using Rank
Create a Top Performing Store or Item Report Using Rank

Use the Rank Feature When Creating a Top Performer Report

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Create a Store or Item Rank based on Retail Sales (RTL SLS) to understand which locations or items are up-trending and driving business in a particular time period. The Rank metric allows for quick insight on top performing Products or Stores. Users can set up the Rank metric in both Collaboration Analytics and Performance Analytics.

Setup Steps:

  1. Right click on the RTL SLS or UNIT SLS metric in the Product or Store level report.

  2. Select Insert MetricRankBreak by NoneDescending.

  3. Right click on the new Rank metric appended to the report (Rank (TY WTD RTL SLS)) and select Sort Ascending to order the report by this new rank.

To Condense:

  1. Drag and drop the new Rank metric into the first position after the attributes so that it is the first metric in the report.

  2. Rename the new Rank metric for ease of use.

    1. Right click on the new Rank metric Edit Rename Save

  3. Right click on the newly renamed Rank metric (Top Sales Rank) and select Filter On Top N... (Top Number).

  4. Enter in the desired amount of products or stores to reduce the report down to.

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