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Retailer Matrix Dashboard in Performance Analytics
Retailer Matrix Dashboard in Performance Analytics

How to Use the Retailer Matrix Dashboard

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The Retailer Matrix Dashboard shows a high-level snapshot of what data metrics a Retailer or Trading Partner provides:

  • Door Count

  • Retailer Calendar (NRF, NRF Not Restated, 4-4-5, 4-5-4, etc.)

  • Start Date of Retailer History (if provided)

  • Reported Currency

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Use the Retailer Matrix Dashboard to see which metrics your Retailer or Trading Partner provides. For data that is not provided by a Retailer or Trading Partner, utilize Integrated Metrics (INT)*.

๐Ÿ’ก *Note: Integrated Metrics are calculations based on the values entered in the Cost and/or MSRP of your Item Master.

How to Locate the Retailer Matrix Dashboard:

  1. Log Into Performance Analytics

  2. Dashboards

  3. Administrative Dashboards

  4. Retailer Matrix Dashboard

  5. Optional: Make any Calendar or Date Selections

  6. Run Dossier

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