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How do I set up a Subscription?
How do I set up a Subscription?

Automating Report Delivery to Email

Written by Emily R.
Updated over a week ago

Subscriptions allow you to receive automatic delivery of Reports and Dashboards every week, and can be delivered via email or My History List.

To set up a subscription to a Dashboard, start by selecting "Schedule Delivery to History List" or "Schedule Delivery to Email" from the File menu.  Similarly in a report, start by selecting "History List" or "Email" from the "Export" option under the Report Home menu.

For History list delivery, you will be prompted to choose a subscription Name, and Recipients. The logged in user is the default recipient, and Power users can add additional recipients by clicking the To button. NOTE: Only users with Analytics logins are able to be added as recipients.  

For Email delivery, you will be prompted to choose a subscription Name, Recipients, Email Subject, Email Message, and Delivery Format. NOTE: We recommend Excel format for delivery of reports and PDF format for dashboards.

You will receive your subscription from:

Subscriptions can be accessed and managed from the Alerts & Subscriptions folder

NOTE: Subscriptions will be sent on a weekly basis once the data has transferred through SPS Commerce. If there is a delay in the data, the Subscription will not send until all is up to date.

⛑️ SPS Analytics Support

If you have any additional questions regarding Analytics subscriptions, please reach out to our Analytics Support team at the contact information below:

☎️ 888-739-3232, Option 2

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