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How do I set up an Alert?
How do I set up an Alert?

Automating Report Delivery to Email

Written by Emily R.
Updated over a week ago

Alerts are a feature similar to subscriptions, that allow you to receive automatic delivery of reports.  Alerts differ from subscriptions in that instead of receiving the report weekly, the report is only generated when specific conditions are met.  We like to think of Alerts as the perfect marriage between Thresholds and Subscriptions! 

To set an Alert on a report, start by right clicking on the column header of the metric to which the alert will be set, and select Email Notification under Alerts.  

In the Alerts Editor, the right clicked metric or attribute for which the alert will be set shows in the upper left.  In the Filter On drop-down, choose the desired metric for the condition.  Next, use the drop-down to adjust the conditional statement, and add a value.  Set the Threshold by clicking Apply next to the value box.

After setting the condition, double click on the Format Preview box to open formatting options.  

Make your desired formatting changes in the Format Editor box, such as font color or fill changes, and set selections by clicking OK. Expand the Delivery Settings section by clicking the plus sign. Choose an Alert Name, Recipients, Email Subject, Email Message, and Delivery Format. NOTE: We recommend Excel format for delivery of reports.

Power users can add additional recipients by clicking the To: button.  Only those emails with logins to the SPS Analytics portal can be added as direct recipients. TIP: If you need to send to someone else in your network who does not have access, set yourself up to receive the Alert and create a rule within your email provider to automatically forward the Alert to other recipients.

For reports showing totals, ensure that the Format Metric and Subtotals Icon is selected, and complete the Alert by clicking OK.

⛑️ SPS Analytics Support

If you have any additional questions regarding Analytics alerts, please reach out to our Analytics Support team at the contact information below:

☎️ 888-739-3232, Option 2

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