In Collaboration Analytics, there are two features to help automate the delivery of analyses, Email Subscriptions & individual Alerts.

Email Subscriptions

An email subscription is an automated delivery of reports and dashboards sent via email as an Excel or PDF attachment on a weekly basis. By creating an email subscription, it allows the user to view analyses without having to log into the SPS Analytics portal.

💡 To set up a subscription for a report or dashboard, ensure that the analysis is saved prior to following the steps below.

1.) To create an Email Subscription for a Report: Click the Report Home menu > Subscribe to > Email

2.) To create an email subscription for a Dashboard: Click the File menu > Schedule Delivery to Email

💡 For both reports and dashboards, the Email Subscription window will appear.

3.) Power Users may click the To: button to add additional recipients to the subscription. By default, it will set up the user to receive the subscription as the creator of the analysis. The recipient must have login credentials to SPS Analytics as well.

4.) For reports, ensure the Delivery Format selection is Excel. For dashboards, ensure the delivery format selection is PDF.

5.) Click OK to set up the subscription.


Alerts are automated deliveries of reports via email as an Excel attachment, only when a specific condition set by the user has been met. Alerts are beneficial to keep track of specific metrics defined by the user. For example, a user can set up an alert on Weeks of Supply (WoS) or On Hand (OH) information across products and locations to monitor and manage inventory levels.

1.) In a report, right-click on the metric header desired to set an alert on.

2.) Select Email Notification in the Alerts menu of the drop-down menu.

3.) From the Alerts Editor window, set up the condition and format of the metric to monitor.

4.) Click Delivery Settings to open the drop-down. Follow the same steps as above for setting up an Email Subscription (Steps 3-5 above).

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