History List is a feature within Performance Analytics to have dashboards and reports pre-loaded! Utilizing this feature will save the time needed to load when accessing dashboards and reports.

There are two ways to leverage the History List, scheduling a weekly subscription or by sending to it from any loading screen. Scheduling a History List subscription will have any dashboard or report loaded weekly after the transmission of new weekly data by the Retailer.

To subscribe a report to the History List, select "History List" in the "Subscribe to" menu in the Report Home drop-down menu.

To subscribe a dashboard to the History List, select "Schedule Delivery to History List..." in the File drop-down menu.

To send a dashboard or report to the History List from a loading screen, click "Add To My History List" on any loading screen.

For more information on managing History List subscriptions, click the link below:
How do I access and edit my Subscriptions?

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