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Filter an Entire Dashboard
Filter an Entire Dashboard

Automatically Apply the Same Filter Across All Dashboard Chapters in Both Performance Analytics and Collaboration Analytics

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Power Users in both Performance Analytics and Collaboration Analytics can apply a filter across all Chapters (tabs) within a dashboard. It is a function that only Power Users can create, but all users can leverage if its a shared dashboard with the filter added to it.

Currently all SPS pre-built Dashboards and their filters are not set up to filter across all Chapters. The benefit is once the filter is set, you can add it to all the other chapters by dragging the same attribute into the next chapter(s) and all filters will be applied.

  1. Within the dashboard, open the Datasets and Filter editor panels by clicking on both of their respective icons from the left-side panel (Shown Below).

  2. Drag the desired attribute from the Datasets panel to the Filter panel and check the appropriate box(es) to apply the filter. In the example below, the Retailer attribute is the chosen filter and Big Box Retailer is chosen within that filter. This Chapter (Tab) of the dashboard is now being filtered based on the checked Retailer attribute(s)

  3. Click the Menu button (vertical ellipsis icon) next to the filter attribute that was pulled in, and click Apply Selections To. Then select All Chapters Containing This Filter.

  4. To filter the rest of the chapters in the dashboard, click on the next chapter and drag the same filter from the Datasets panel to the Filter panel.

  5. In the example below, Retailer is brought into the Filter panel. As soon as the filter is brought in, it automatically filters to Big Box Retailer and the entire chapter updates.

  6. Repeat this step for all of the chapters in the dashboard.

  7. Save the dashboard to keep the changes.

  8. Depending on where the Power User saves it, access the Dashboard from the "My Reports" or "Shared Dashboards" folder.

If you are a Dashboard and Alert User, partner with another Power User or reach out to Support for assistance.

⛑️ SPS Analytics Support

If you have any additional questions regarding Collaboration or Performance Analytics, please reach out to our Analytics Support team at the contact information below:

☎️ 888-739-3232, Option 2

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