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Use Information Windows to Enhance Visualizations
Use Information Windows to Enhance Visualizations

Information Windows Add Context to a Visualization without Taking up Screen Space in Performance Analytics

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Information Windows add context to a visualization without taking up screen space. Once it has been added to the desired graph, clicking on it's data metric points will show the additional data in the Information Window in a pop-out format. Information Windows can only be added in Performance Analytics.

As an example, here is how to add an Information Window to a line graph:

  1. Open a Dashboard that has a top side graph (Ex: Business Overview Dashboard)

  2. Select the Information Window icon in the upper right-hand corner

  3. Open the Datasets panel

  4. Double-click to add the attributes and metrics that the main graph was built with (Ex: Style, Style Description, RTL SLS-INT, Unit Sales, Units OH, and ST %)

  5. Title the Information Window by clicking on the Visualization 1 text and type in a new name (Ex: Product Performance)

  6. Right click on a metric (Ex: TY RTL SLS-INT) and sort the grid by clicking on the Descending icon

  7. Click outside of the Information Window and it will disappear. The Layer Panel on the right-hand side of your dashboard now shows the newly created Information Window.

  8. To attach the Information Window to a graph or visualization, click the Menu button in the upper right-hand corner.

  9. From there, click on Select Target Info Window > Information Window 1

  10. To analyze further, click on a data point for a specific week in the line chart. The Information Window will appear with the Style level data for that week.

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