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Scheduling Email Subscriptions in Performance Analytics
Scheduling Email Subscriptions in Performance Analytics

Learn How To Schedule The Delivery of Your Email Subscriptions in SPS Performance Analytics

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Schedule when you would prefer to receive your email subscriptions! With this upgrade, you gain more control over when you receive your reports and dashboards, ensuring timely insights that drive your business forward.

Scheduling subscriptions can assist with:

  1. Flexible Scheduling Options: You now have the flexibility to choose from 15 different schedules, including AM or PM, for each day of the week. Whether you prefer to kickstart your day with insights or wrap it up in the evening, we've got you covered.

  2. Seamless Integration: Enabling this feature seamlessly integrates it into your existing account setup. Plus, since it's opt-in, there's no need to worry about any disruptions to your current subscriptions.
    πŸ’‘ Your existing subscriptions will remain attached to the default schedule "a. When Selected Retailers Arrive," ensuring continuity in your workflow.

  3. Efficient Processing: Scheduled subscriptions ensure that your reports and dashboards are queued for processing at the designated time. While the exact delivery time may vary based on factors like report complexity and server load, rest assured that your insights will be ready when you need them.

  4. Prebuilt Dashboard Subscription Capability: Users can now create Weekly Email Subscriptions from SPS Commerce prebuilt dashboards in the Fundamental Dashboards and Strategic Dashboard folders.
    πŸ›‘ It's important to note that users must select a specific "schedule" time for these emails, as the default option of "When Selected Retailers Arrive" will not execute the subscription.

Creating A Scheduled Email Subscription

The steps to create a Weekly Email subscription are generally all the same steps as they were before. With the feature upgrade, users will now have a "Schedule" drop-down menu, with 15 options, for processing and delivery timing.

  • When Selected Retailers Arrive - This is the default selection for all Email Subscriptions and will deliver the email after processing all available Retailers.

  • AM - At 6am ET, this report or dashboard will be placed into the queue to begin processing.

  • PM - At 6pm ET, this report or dashboard will be placed into the queue to begin processing.

For more detailed steps on creating an Email Subscription, click the link below:

⛑️ SPS Analytics Support

If you have any additional questions regarding the Email Subscription upgrade, please reach out to our Analytics Support team at the contact information below:

☎️ 888-739-3232, Option 2


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