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General Information and Functions of the Report Objects Bar

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When accessing a report in Collaboration and Performance Analytics, the Report Objects Bar will be located on the left side of the report (Outlined in red below). The Report Objects Bar contains all available report objects (Attributes and Metrics) that are loaded and available in the report.

Identifying Report Objects

Report Attributes (Item & Location) will be identified by the diamond logo.
e.g. Region, Store, UPC, Style, SKU

Report Metrics (Retailer provided) will be identified by the ruler and book logo.

Formulated metrics in the report will be identified by the formula (fx) logo.
e.g. Percent to Total, Rank, Store Count

  • Report Objects that are available in the report body will be represented in the Report Objects Bar in a light grey font color.

  • Report Objects that are loaded with the report but are not visible in the report body will be represented in the Report Objects Bar in black font color.

Loading Additional Report Objects

There are two options for loading the additional report objects into the report from the Report Object Bar.

  1. Double-click on the report object and it will be placed to the next available position to the right of the report category (Attribute or Metric).

  2. From the Object Bar, click & hold on the available object. Drag the object to the desired position in the report body and release the mouse button.
    πŸ’‘ This method can also be leveraged for rearranging report objects and removing them from the report body.
    To rearrange within the report or remove an object from the report body, click & hold on the object header and move to the desired location. While moving the mouse, there will be a yellow bar identifying where the object will be placed when releasing the mouse button.

πŸ’‘ Any changes made to the report will not be retained unless a Personal View Subscription is created (All Users) or a new version of the report is saved (Power Users only). For additional information on Personal View Subscriptions use the link below:

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