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What is My History List in Collaboration Analytics and how do I use it?

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My History List is a feature within Collaboration Analytics to have dashboards and reports pre-loaded! Utilizing this feature will save the time needed to pull data when accessing dashboards and reports. There are two ways to leverage My History List, scheduling a subscription for weekly delivery, and sending to My History List from a loading screen. Scheduling a History List subscription will have any dashboard or report loaded weekly after the transmission of new weekly data by the Retailer. Sending a dashboard or report to the History List from a loading screen will only be sent the one time.

To subscribe a dashboard to your History List, select “Schedule Delivery to History List…” in the File drop-down menu.

To subscribe a report to My History List, select “History List” in the “Subscribe to” category of the Report Home drop-down menu.

To send any dashboard or report to your History List from a loading screen, click “Add This Report to the History List” during any loading screen.

To access dashboards or reports that have been delivered to My History List, open the navigation panel, and select My History List.

For more information on managing History List subscriptions, click the link below:
How do I access and edit my Subscriptions?

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